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25 February 2010 @ 02:07 am
You know that I love you, boy. Hot like Mexico, rejoice.  
How did my karma allow me to find someone so perfect?

Log. Wednesday, February 24, 2010. [NYC] Chateau Nior: Angel and Sunset’s Apartment.

Staring out one of the many windows in the first floor of the apartment, Sunset isn’t exactly taking in the great view of the New York City skyline. Eyes thoughtful and slightly unfocused, there’s not much chance she’s actually seeing what she’s looking at, a worried frown pulling down at the corners of her mouth. Brow furrowed, a hand works at the small, silver star hanging from a cord around her neck, sliding it back and forth, trying to work off nervous energy without actually pacing.

Much as Warren might want to glue himself to Sunset, real life inevitably intrudes. In this case ... classes at the mansion. So Warren has to commute ... and gets back to the apartment quick as he can. "Hey ... " He starts, as he walks into the apartment, only to frown slightly. "Hey, Sunset. What's wrong?"

Jumping slightly at the sound of Warren’s voice, the redhead quickly turns around to face him, a slightly guilty look on her face before she glances away. “I... maybe did something stupid.” She answers after a hesitant pause.

Warren snorts as he walks over to wrap an arm around her. "So, what did you do that was so terrible?" He wants to know.

Leaning into his touch, Sunset barely relaxes, head leaning against his shoulder. “I went to see Jackson. I... wanted to tell him that, if he still wanted me to, I was going to look into what it would take to adopt him. Not... Not right away, but in a few weeks, or a few months or so, when everything was settled and wasn’t so crazy. And he... he started going on about not wanting to mess it up for me, with you, and we probably have more important stuff to worry about. And I just wanted so hard to make him stop thinking that nobody wanted him...” Pausing here, she hesitates, tensing even more. “I told him that if I asked you, that you wouldn’t have a problem with it. And I know I shouldn’t have assumed anything, and I’m sorry I did, I just wanted – He was so – I’m sorry, Warren.”

Warren couldn't quite help but grin as Sunset babbled. "Sunset, in case you didn't know ... I'm sort of fond of Jackson." He points out. And he is. Unlike most of the X-Men, he doesn't DO individual interventions often, and Jackson has rated /several/ of those. "I'd have to talk to him, make sure he's ok with it, and knows what he'd be in for if he agreed to it, but I have no problem with it."

She only relaxes slightly at that, glancing up at him. “You aren’t mad at me?” It’s a stupid question, with an obvious answer, but there’s still a part of her that is just waiting for something to go wrong with this.

Warren grins, then gently whaps her upside the head. "Yes. Furious." The tone says he's anything but. "There, feel better?"

“Don’t make me kick your ass, Worthington.” A small smile pulling at her lips now as she fully relaxes, sunset leans into Warren, arms wrapping around him. “I’m pretty sure I can take you.”

"Hah. And again, hah." Warren says, grinning. "Trained X-Man here. I think I can take you." From the tone, he is SO not taking this seriously.

“And I control when you get laid. So, I think I win.”

"Ahhh, but you also control when /you/ get laid when you do that ... so I'm thinking you might not want to use that as a control device." Warren points out.

Sunset pouts at that, smacking him lightly on the shoulder. “Stop that. I like winning.”

Warren winces "Ow. Beating up on me. My shoulder's broken now." He complains. Yeah, right. NOT.

“Oh, poor baby. Do you need me to kiss it and make it all better?” She teases, rolling her eyes with a smirk, before it fades into a more serious expression. “You /really/ aren’t upset with me?”

"Please?" Warren asks, trying to look as pathetic as he can. Then he sobers, and nudges her shoulder. "No, I am not mad at you."

Giving a small smile, Sunset shrugs before crossing her arms over her chest. “I’m sorry I was so worried. It’s just... I’ve never had anything go this good before, without something going wrong. When I was younger, I had finally started turning my life around, and then my marriage happened and... that didn’t exactly go wonderfully. And with Edward, he couldn’t accept me for who I was, and we know how that ended. I know that neither of those things would /ever/ happen with you, but I’m just... I guess I’m just paranoid.”

"You've got every right to be paranoid." Warren says. "And this probably /won't/ be as easy as it is right now ... right now, it's just you and me. Once the parasites get wind of this, all hell will break loose."

She laughs at that a bit, shaking her head. “I’m actually looking forward to that, honestly. I always did like pissing people off when they deserved it... And I’m a bit surprised nobody has found out already.”

"They haven't found out because we haven't exactly left the building much." Warren points out with a laugh. "Oh, they know /something's/ up ... I am usually a bit more visible than I have been over the last week ... but they don't know /what/. It's driving them bonkers."

“Maybe we should let them know soon, then. I mean... Oz is going to hold a press conference about how he’s mysteriously come back from the dead, and is going to return to his position as front man of the band again. Maybe I could join in.” She had been thinking about it, heavily, but her decision had gone back and forth from yes and no more than a few times. “I mean, he’s going to cause a commotion anyway. Seems like it would be something fun to jump on.”

Warren chuckled. "Hmmm, that it would." He agrees. "Nearly as fun as when I brought you to that first party." Oh, THAT had been fun.

“Before Magneto and Venom had their fun, you mean? Hopefully that won’t happen with this.”

"Yeah. Before Mags and Venom." Warren agrees. That had been hysterically funny. The monied set hadn't quite known what to /do/ with Sunset.

“Well, maybe we’ll get to do that again soon. I might even get a chance to talk to someone other than your father. I’d love to see how I handle the women in that group.”

"I have been thinking of having a party." Warren says, not letting Sunset know the reason WHY. She'd kill him. "Haven't had one in a while."

“It’s not like you’ve exactly had a reason to celebrate. At least, before last week, and we celebrated just fine all by ourselves for that.” She answers with a small laugh. “What brought this on, though?”

Warren snorts. "The fact I haven't gone to a party since you died? The sharks are beginning to wonder, but I kind of stopped giving a damn. Didn't feel much like playing society's boy."

“But now that I’m around to wreak havoc, you can’t wait to see everyone again, right?” Sunset asks, smiling. “Whose reaction are you looking forward to the most, then?”

"More like, since you're back, I have the energy to spare to mess with it." Warren says. "And personally ... my dad's. Ought to be /priceless/."

“Better than when he thought I was carrying your unborn child out of wedlock?”

"Sunset ... you were /dead/." Warren points out.

“True. But there’s no chance of you passing on the ‘freak gene’ with this.” As far as she knows and hopes, at least. She would love to give pregnancy another shot, but not after they’ve just moved in together.

'Not yet anyway' Warren thinks quietly. "But still. Back from the dead. That's gonna give him a chunk to chew on."

“It’s going to give everyone a chunk to chew on. I’m not exactly sure how often people come back from the dead, but I’m sure it’s safe to say that they haven’t had a press conference about it. As far as I know, at least.”

"It's a semi-annual occurrence with the X-Men. Well, at least for certain specific ones." Warren admits. "And I'm beginning to think it's a redhead thing, too."

“I’ll be sure to check Oz’s hair color the next time I see him, then.” Sunset jokes, tugging on a lock of aforementioned flaming red hair. “You’re talking about the one Scott is seeing, aren’t you? Jean? How did it happen for her?”

"Well, two out of three." Warren points out. Then winces. "Don't ask. It's been more than once. Scott kind of ... yeah. Makes my meltdown when you died look like kid's play. They've been a couple since pretty much forever."

“More than once...” She repeats, the blood rushing from her face, leaving her pale. “I couldn’t imagine losing you one time. I don’t know how you dealt with it.”

"I damn near turned into Scott Junior is how I 'handled' it." Warren admits. "And trust me, that's not a good thing. Man's got a light pole up his ass."

Arms wrapping around Warren again, Sunset buries her head against his shoulder. “I won’t leave again anytime soon. Not until I’m old and grey, and surrounded by kids and grandkids... Maybe some cats.”

Warren wraps both arms more firmly around her. "You better not, woman. Took a good decade off my life as it is." He grumbled.

“Scout’s honor. I’m here to stay.” She softly answers, before leaning up to capture his lips in a kiss.

Warren was entirely too willing to get 'captured', though he kept the kiss light. "Dinner first, playtime later." He said when they pulled apart.

“What, you think that every time I kiss you, I’m trying to drag you to the nearest horizontal surface?”

"Given the last few days?" Warren asks, mischief in his voice. "I'd have to go with 'yes' as the answer."

“Like I’ve been the one starting it every time!” She argues in a mock offended tone, before pulling away and heading for the kitchen, flipping her hair over her shoulder with a put upon ‘Hhmph!’

Warren just laughed. "Half the time, anyway." he said as he headed to the kitchen as well, goosing her as he passed her.

Eyes narrowing at Warren in ‘anger’, Sunset has to bite the inside of her cheek to keep from laughing. “Oh, you’ll pay for that later, mister.”

"Looking forward to it." Warren says with a grin as he gets out various pots and pans. "Spaghetti sound good?"

“Spaghetti sounds wonderful, love.” She answers, smiling back as hops up to sit on one of the counters. She’ll help, if he needs it, but for now... watching.

"Spagetti it is then." Warren said as he started grabbing what he needed. "So, other than stressing over whether or not I'd hate you for the Jackson adopting thing, how'd your day go?"

“I never thought you would hate me! I was just worried it would start an argument, and I didn’t want that to happen, either.” Sunset shoots back, grinning. “And not much, really. I got everything settled with my old landlord, since I technically broke the lease I had, and then I went to see Angie’s apartment which was... somewhat depressing. And apparently, she’s discovered a way to infuse vodka with Skittles. She’s already gotten a good head start into finishing the first batch, from what I could tell.”

Warren laughs at that last one. "Infuse ... ok. I really shouldn't be surprised, given she's your sister, but still. That's a new one."

She laughs herself. “Even I was surprised. One bottle for each original fruity flavor. From what I was able to understand, it’s so sweet that you don’t even feel it, and comes back to kick you the ass pretty damn quickly.”

"Considering it's vodka, I can well imagine." Warren says as he waits for the water to start boiling, dicing onions and tomatoes on a board.

“Yeah.” Kicking her feet lightly, Sunset peers closely at Warren for a moment. “And then she told me she came over here yesterday. Which... I love you, baby, but I don’t see how that could have led to anything good. So, what did she come over for?” No, surprisingly, she actually couldn’t get Angie to confess to anything.

"She came over to give me the 'hurt her and I kill you' speech." Warren says, sounding deeply amused. It's the truth too. Just not all of it.

Sunset relaxes slightly at that, a small smile tugging at her lips. Oh, good. Not what she had feared. "That was all, then?"

"Yep. Was kind of amusing. And endearing. She's not exactly intimidating."

“No... With Oz around, I don’t think she ever found a reason to need to be. She’s the smartass of the bunch, through and through.”

Warren chuckled. "And which are you?" He asks, sidling out of immediate striking range.

She gives a grin at him moving away, shaking her head. “I’m the peacemaker. Obviously. If I hadn’t been around, they would have killed each other long ago. But I have the ability to scare them into behaving, so they listen, and I keep the peace. Through fear.”

"So you're the scary one. Gotcha." Warren says as he starts putting things in the empty pot to simmer, then starts some meat browning.

“Hey, I’m only scary when I need to be!” Sunset laughs. “When have you ever seen me be scary, anyway?”

"When you tangled with my dad." Warren points out. "And anyways, I don't need to see it. You're a redhead. After hanging out around Jean for so long, I know how scary you lot can be."

“Yes, but that wasn’t me being scary towards you. So I’m not sure if that even counts.” She argues. “Not that I can even think of anything you could do to make me get to that level, anyway.”

"Like I said ... lived around scary redheads long enough to know better." Warren says.

“Who says it’s because I’m a redhead? Maybe it’s because I’ve got both Irish and Spanish in me, some generations back. And, I’ve had kids. Once you’ve had kids, you just know how to be scary. So, it might not even be my hair.”

Warren thinks about that one. "You know, you have a point. You are like the epitome of scary."

"And don't you forget it, sir."

Warren grins as he stops what he's doing long enough to sneak a kiss. "Good thing I don't scare easy."

“Unless I bring up blackmail.” Sunset teases, reaching for Warren to kiss him again, longer this time. “And before you say /anything/ about dinner first, I’m not even trying to start anything. I just like kissing you.”

"Blackmail? What blackmail. I had those pictures burned. You have no proof." Warren is SO bluffing.

Like he even knows where her copies are. “Oh, that’s too bad. Good thing Jackson has a few extra copies I can borrow.”

"Like anyone would ever believe that was /me/." Warren points out.

"Because there are so many people in the world with beautiful wings just like Warren Worthington the Third's." Sunset softly replied, a smile forming. "No one else has got a mutation like yours, handsome. Or if they do, they aren't open about it. And they probably don't have pictures like that."

"The wings weren't exactly /white/ in that picture." Warren points out. "And I do know of at least one other mutant with wings. His feathers are red, but still. Wings."

“You just /love/ to ruin my fun, don’t you?”

Warren grins. "Just pointing out the facts." He says. "Though we probably don't have a picture of Icarus molting, come to think of it."

"Is there any chance for it? I can add to my collection. I could open an art gallery."

"Not really. He came to us /after/ the wings had grown in." Warren says. "And I can't remember him molting, though he could have and I missed it."

“Well, boo.” Quieting at that, Sunset simply watches Warren for a long moment or two. “...I have a question."

"Sorry, hon. Though I've had fun helping him with flying. He had most of the basics down by the time he came to the mansion, but not the nitty gritty bits." Browned meat got tossed in with the sauce and herbs. "Go for it."

Worrying her bottom lip with her teeth for a moment, Sunset eventually speaks. “When did you know you loved me?”

"Kind of started suspecting it right about the time I went through the roof when Mags and Venom showed up." Warren admits. "I was more worried about you than about my own father, which is about ten different kinds of messed up, but there you have it."

“Oh, good. I wasn’t insanely ahead of you then.” She answers, laughing. “Of course, when you answered the door shirtless that one time... That might have sealed the deal, too.”

Warren chuckled. "Got a look at the goods and drooled, huh?" He asked, voice teasing.

“Hey, I was hormone crazy! Second trimester will do that to you, and you’re fucking yummy, okay?”

Warren laughs outright. "You're not so bad yourself."

“You get fucking yummy, I get not so bad.” Sunset dryly, sarcastically replies. “Nice to know.”

Warren laughs. "It was either that or get distracted mid-cooking and have the fire department up here." He says.

Thinking that over, Sunset slides off the counter. Reaching past Warren to turn the burners off, she covers the pots and pans before moving them to burners that haven’t been used. “Midnight snacks were made for a reason. Now, what were you saying about not so bad?”

"Hey!" Warren mock-wails, but then turns so they're face to face. "Mutant metabolism here. Needing to eat."

“And surprisingly, I have a very fragile self esteem when it comes to my sex appeal.” Hands resting on Warren’s shoulders, Sunset leans against him, sending him a well practiced and perfect sultry pout. “Just rephrase that not so bad thing, and I /swear/ I’ll let you get back to cooking.”

Warren grins down at her, then kisses her on the forehead. "Gorgeous. Stunning. Breathtaking. Feisty." He says, and means every word of it.

“Much better.” She smiles, before pulling back to take her place on the counter. “Now you can finish cooking.”

Warren grinned and turned back around, one wing 'accidentally' tapping against Sunset as he got everything going again. "This'll be ready in about ten minutes." He told her.

Reaching out to swat at the offending wing, Sunset laughs. “Fine, fine. That I deserved.” She concedes, settling back to watch in silence, with a happy smile.