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01 March 2010 @ 10:16 pm
A Very Happy Unbirthday  
Log. Saturday, February 27, 2010. [NYC] Sabrielle’s Apartment.

The redhead has been sticking mostly close to home since the night with Angie. There's some blues playing softly, candles lit. She's not sure where Oz is. Sipping at a glass of a dessert wine, laying on the couch. Scent of pot roast starting to fill the kitchen.

Sunset’s also been sticking close to home recently, but probably for different reasons. (Then again, knowing who lives here, maybe not.) But with Warren having to return to work eventually, and her fired from her job because she missed a few too many days, (Whoops.) the redhead has found herself at a loss of what to do, so she does what she always does when bored. She visits. Knock knock.

Sabrielle gets to her feet, humming along. A glance through the door before it swings open. "Hey there, Sunny." And wouldn't Sunset be surprised to know that her brother and the empath are sleeping apart. "C'mon in."

You’d probably be able to knock her over with a feather. Giving Sabrielle what is probably the happiest smile she’s worn since she’s been ‘back’, Sunset has to keep herself from literally waltzing into the apartment. “I love my life.”

Sabrielle rolls her eyes with a snicker. "Wine?" Closing the door, to head back for the couch. "Ah'm gonna guess this has to do with Warren waltzin' off with ya?"

“No... no wine.” Sunset answers, sitting on the couch. “Thank you, though.” Eyes holding much amusement at Sabrielle’s question, Sunset shrugs, grinning. “Well, I don’t think the technical term for what we’ve been doing is ‘waltzing’, but sure. Let’s go with that.”

Sabrielle actually blushes a bit, sipping at her wine. Still on her feet, before she's disappearing into her bedroom a moment, only to come out with two small, purple and white wrapped packages. "Ah don't need details, thanks." Dryly, before boxes are offered over. "Early, but happy birthday."

Sunset stares at the boxes in shock for a moment, blinking, before she realizes what they’re for. “Sabrielle! You know I -!” she starts, before her tone turns to amused scolding. “I should turn you over my knee, girl.” Sending the other redhead a mock glare, there’s still a smile pulling at her lips as she takes the boxes. “One present was plenty. I don’t know if I can accept two.”

"Ah know what? That you're twenty-nine?" An angelic expression ruined by the mischievous hint of a smile. "Consider one from me, an' one from Oz, then. Or somethin'." Curling back up on the couch. "Ah couldn't decide which Ah thought would look better on you."

“Oh, don’t mention that number!” As much as she wants to hate any reminder of her birthday, she can’t hate presents. Opening them with a grin, Sunset only barely holds back from ripping the paper to shreds. She’s not /Angie/, after all. (Though the paper certainly isn’t reusable after she’s done with it.) “...Oh, /Sabs./” Staring down at the necklaces and bracelet, the shock has replaced her grin once more. “You didn’t have to... /Thank you./”

Sabrielle waves a hand. "It's not like Ah could /not/ get you a present. For the day we're not mentioning and all." A smile. "You're welcome, Sunset. So, everything's good with Warren, Ah take it?"

The mention of the multi-millionaire has Sunset smiling all over again, somewhat dreamily. “Remember how when I was pregnant, I used to always complain about how he wouldn’t do anything other than kiss me?” She sighs. “Everything else was /so/ worth dying for.”

Sabrielle chuckles. "That's good, honey. Ah'm glad. Ya deserve the best." Wine polished off and glass set aside.

Shaking herself out of her slight stupor, before she goes into areas that would really make Sabrielle blush, Sunset chuckles herself as she slips on the bracelet and the matching necklace, before setting the other one aside. “So everyone keeps telling me.” She answers, turning towards Sabs a little more. “But how are you and Oz doing?”

Blue eyes slide Sunset's way. "Looks nice on ya." A moment of silence. "Ah chose. Just happened to choose the man who'd still want me." Leaning, pouring more wine. "Takin' it slow."

Noticing the next glass of wine, Sunset raises an eyebrow but doesn’t comment. “That doesn’t... exactly sound like paradise. Talk to me more, now. What’s going on?”

"Nothing. Ah chose Ozzie. Ah went to talk to Andy, it didn't go well." A sip of wine. It's a little bottle of dessert wine that's still well more than half full. "Oz an' Ah are takin' it slow. He's not real happy about the fact we're not sleepin' together."

Her other eyebrow raises to join the other at that. Yep. Could knock her over with a feather. “Not sleep-“ Sunset starts, spluttering slightly. “Why /not/? What are you doing, then?”

Sabrielle levels her gaze on Sunset. "No, we're not. Because Ah...Ah don't feel ready for all that. It feels like Ah'd just be pretending the last almost 2 years didn't happen. Ah got carried away, an' hurt Andy. Ah chose Oz, Ah just want to make sure we're solid. Ah love him, Sunset. But Ah need to be sure of me, first."

Running a hand through her hair, Sunset lets out a sigh at that. “No wonder he’s not happy. But I imagine that he’s at least willing to go along with it until you feel comfortable?” She asks, brow furrowed. “Because I can talk to him if he’s being a jackass about it.”

"Who's not happy? Ozzie? Did he tell you so?" At least she's worried about making Oz happy. "He's not bein' a jackass. He's been sweet ta me. He even waited for me outside of Andy's, when Ah went to talk to him."

“I haven’t talked to Oz in days, Sabrielle. I’m just going off of what you said.” She answers, soothingly. “But how exactly have things been going since you talked to Andy?” Sunset is tempted to ask about how that went as well, but the conversation isn’t exactly right for it at the moment.

"He's been busy. Got a life to rebuild." Her eyes lowering to the glass. "He managed to not even try to go beat Andy up for makin' me cry. Ah...it's a little awkward, but Ah think it's goin' okay. Ah haven't used my powers to pry."

Sunset frowns. “Has he been ignoring you any?” She asks, taking note of the ‘life to rebuild ‘ part. “I might have been gone a few years, but I remember that you were the most important thing to him before... And if you aren’t a part of that life rebuilding thing he’s doing, then I’m going to kick his ass.”

Sabrielle smiles. "Ah asked for time an' a lil' space. He's just giving me what Ah asked for. He's got friends to see, an' things to figure out. Ah'm here, an' he knows it."

Sunset relaxes a bit at that, but not much. “Alright... But tell me if he starts acting up, okay? I’m sure you could handle it just fine, but just in case.”

"Ah love ya for that, but Ah should kick his ass myself a time or two. So he's at least kinda scared of me, like he is you." Setting wine aside, glass still mostly full.

“He’s scared of me because I’m some odd portmanteau of his older sister and mother, Sabrielle. If he fears you at all, I would pray it was for some other reason.” Sunset laughs lightly. “Besides, he doesn’t fear you some already? You were together for a while, after all.”

Forefinger and thumb held apart a tiny fraction. "Because Ah control the sex, he says." A hint of amusement.

Sunset's really laughing at that, holding a hand over her mouth to try and stifle it. "Oh. Oh, Sabs, be so glad that you can use that, if anything. It's an easy way to win any argument." Calming down and wiping at her eyes, Sunset chuckles a bit more. "And it's hard to find ways to win otherwise. That line doesn't work on Warren, and I miss winning."

A smile lingers. "Ah don't though. Ozzie could go get sex anywhere, so Ah don't know how it's true." Stretching, sprawling out on the couch. "But hey, whatever works."

“He /could/ but he’s not going to. He loves you, Sabs, and he’s not going to risk losing you just because he’s horny. That’s why he’s waiting until you’re comfortable and not out there looking for a one night stand. And he isn’t going to.”

"Ah know he won't. Ah.. he knows Ah love him too, Ah think. Ah just..it's not that Ah don't want to, Sunset. My mind still can't really believe Ah have him back. An' part of me is still hurtin' from Andy." Sabrielle shrugs a bit.

“Do you... think that sleeping with him so soon will make it more difficult to heal from Andy in the long run?” Sunset asks, hesitating a bit. “Or are you scared of getting too close and having him disappear again?”

Sabrielle studies her hands for a while. "Oz has been the only guy to make me completely forget who Ah am. Not once, but twice. Ah get so wrapped up in the chemistry, Ah cheated on two good guys. Guys who deserve better than that from me. Ah felt like Ah needed to think about that. Maybe let myself get over feelin' so guilty it was chokin' me, before Ah went back to doin' what it was that made me guilty."

Sunset is quiet for a long moment, processing that. “And has that been helping at all?” She questions, quiet, unsure of how to really give advice for this situation.

"Maybe. It's not Ozzie's fault. He's just Oz, ya know? Ah keep tellin' myself that it happens because he an' Ah are supposed to be together. That's why Ah can't resist."

Sunset frowns at that, shaking her head. “The hell it isn’t. He knew you were taken the first time you got together, and he was seeing someone else at that point in time, too, remember? And if you told him about Andy, then he should have thought about the fact that time had passed and you were with someone else. It isn’t right for you to think it’s all your fault, Sabrielle. He’s just as much as fault, if not more than yours.”

"Ah meant Ah can't blame him for bein' charmin' an' all, Sunny. He can't help the fact Ah' that attracted to him. An'...Ah don't know if ...Ah mean Ah know Ah told him about Andy before things got carried away, when he showed up. But christ, Sunset. Man was back from wherever. Ah couldn't think straight, how could Ah expect him to?"

That loosens the frown a little, Sunset nodding. “He does seem to have a problem with thinking when the vague idea of sex is shoved in his face.” She mutters, attempting a joke. “But... if you need to talk to me about anything having to do with... this. You know I’ll come over whenever you need me to.”

There's a snort from the empath. "Ah know. But this was kinda personal soul searchin'. Not much Ah coulda asked you to do, Sunny." Blue eyes flicker up to the other woman's face. "Other than ask ya if ya think Ah chose right."

Glancing away from Sabrielle for a moment, Sunset eventually looks back to meet her eyes. “I don’t think that’s something I can tell you. It seems like something that you’ll have to decide for yourself, eventually. But if you want an answer based on selfishness, instead of what I think of the situation... I’m glad you chose Oz. Not because I think of him as my brother, but because... If you had chosen Andy... In the state Oz was in... Just coming back, and the last thing he really remembered was getting stabbed and dying-” Sunset hesitates here, looking away now, looking ashamed. “I don’t think I would have had it in me to help put him back together. I’ve done it too many times before and... With how I am now, I just... don’t think I would have had the strength, or the will, or... anything.”

Sabrielle sighs. "Well, the last thing he would have had, if Ah chose Andy, was bein' with me." A hint of flippant humor. "Ah love them both, Sunset. An'...Ah think that's my problem. Still feel a lil' like Ah'm cheatin' on Andy. But if Oz hadn't disappeared, Ah never woulda been with him." A frown. "Of course, it was too much to ask that they share."

Sunset makes a choked noise at that. It could have been a laugh or a shocked noise, or perhaps a mix of both. “...No. I don’t know about Andy, but Oz doesn’t like to share /anything./ Much less his girlfriend.”

Sabrielle smirks. "Ah know. He's territorial about me. That's okay, though. Ah just.. it was a no win situation. Ah had to go with the guy who had my heart first."

“Not... the one that had the most of your heart?” She hates asking that question. She really does. But Sunset can’t /not/ ask it, really.

"Ah didn't say that." The empath says quietly. "Sunset, the minute Ah saw Ozzie, everythin' flooded back so hard Ah fainted. What does that say?"

“It says that your brain couldn’t process it, and the overload caused you to black out.” Sunset softly answered. “I didn’t mean anything by the question, Sabrielle. I simply chose my wording based on yours.”

"Ah still loved him, Sunset. Ah hadn't let go. Just...put it away, so Ah could keep livin'. Andy knew that."

“Are you positive that he knew? There’s a difference between having someone tell you that, and being told that and accepting it. And maybe after... Maybe after the period of time that you were together, he had thought that you were able to forget it and move completely onto him.”

"Ah told him Ah'd probably always love Ozzie. Because... you've seen me with him, Sunset. There's somethin' when we're together."

“...There’s a gravity, there.” Sunset nods. “Like you can’t help but be drawn to each other. And there’s nothing you can do to stop it.”

"An' Ah love Andy, and he's been awesome to be with. But it's not like it is with Oz." She shrugs.

Sunset doesn’t seem to have anything to say to that, quieting down. After a long moment of contemplation, she finally asks, hesitantly. “...Do you think you made the right choice?”

"Ah want to think so, o'course." Sabs is nothing if not honest. "Ah want to believe Oz is back for a reason, an' part of it is me."

“What other reasons would there be?”

Sabrielle gives Sunset a look. "Like Ah would have an answer for that."

She smiles then, a small one. “And what reason would there be for my coming back?”

"Whatever ya were meant to do isn't done yet."

“If I’m even here to do anything.” Sunset concedes. “I’m not so sure I believe in destiny anymore. Just happy endings. ...If that.”

"Ah don't want to say ya both came back because Ah missed ya both so much." She sticks her tongue out.

Log. Sunday, February 28, 2010. [NYC] Warren and Sunset’s Apartment.

Warren's apartment is as unpretentious as Warren is, when in his preferred company. The apartment is large, with an open floorplan and wood floors with colorful rugs scattered here and there. The walls are painted a warm beige. The kitchen is separated from the rest of the apartment by a low wall, part of which has been fitted out as a bar, complete with stools (and drinks under the counter). The appliances are all top-of-the-line brushed steel. The countertops are a dark gray marble, and the cabinets are a rich mahogany color.

The living room area takes up three quarters of the first floor of the apartment, and almost the entirety of one wall is nothing but windows, giving a delightful panoramic view of the New York City skyline. The windows are bracketed by heavy dark tan drapes. A big, overstuffed leather couch, chair, and ottoman form a rough square with one of the window-less walls, where a large flat-screen TV resides. A state of the art stereo system is parked in the corner nearest the bar. There is a small closet near the door into the apartment.

A bathroom sits against the other non-window wall, its decor done in shades of blue. There is a huge sunken tub that could probably hold three people, and a seperate large shower. A double sink with a blueish-marble countertop, a good-sized closet, and the toilet are also in evidence. Also on the non-window wall are the stairs that lead up to Warren's bedroom, and a bookcase that sits against the bathroom wall, loaded down with all manner of books.

There a king-sized bed with a dark blue bedspread. The wall of windows on one side is bracketed by drapes the same shade, and the walls are painted a very pale blue. One entire wall of the bedroom is taken up by a massive closet, and other than the bed and a mahogany bedside table (with a plain lamp perched atop it), there is no furniture in the room. Throughout the apartment there are paintings on the walls, all of them pastoral scenes of one kind or another.

Sunset hasn’t exactly been a big ball of sunshine today. She hasn’t been in a /bad/ mood, exactly, but... Well, turning thirty isn’t exactly something that she’s rejoicing about here. Barefoot, and in jeans and a long sleeved shirt, she certainly isn’t dressed for any type of celebration, party, or shindig. No party, no cake, and she has half a mind to bap her two siblings for the presents she told them not to get. Lounging on the couch, she’s got a book open before her (The Complete Manual of Things That Might Kill You. Oz’s attempt at a humorous gift.) and it’s at least brought a hint of a somewhat morbid smile to her face.

How to give a lady a birthday party without actually giving her a birthday party? Thankfully, Warren was a past master at the 'make a woman feel special' dance. So he had ... plans. Which had started by doing something that wouldn't get Sunset wondering ... namely, acting like it was any other day, at least at first. Which had meant going to work. But now, there was a ring at the doorbell.

Looking up from the rather fascinating chapter (Ha.) about flesh eating viruses, Sunset frowns, confused. Do they actually /know/ anybody who would use a doorbell? She doesn’t, if anything, so her steps toward the door are somewhat cautious, peeking out the peephole before doing anything else.

Sunset will be greeted with the sight of a good-sized bouquet being held by an obvious delivery-boy, complete with uniform.

Oh. .../Oh./ Oh, crap. "Peachy keen." She mutters as she unlocks the door, plastering a smile on as she opens the door. "Can I help you, sir?"

"Delivery for Sunset Rains." The young man says, proffering the bouquet. It's nothing huge or ostentatious, just a mid-sized bouquet of wildflowers.

“Yeah, that’s me.” Unfortunately. /Crap./ Taking the bouquet, Sunset can’t really help that her smile does become a bit less forced as she looks at it. She can’t help it. Hated, dread birthday or not, she’s going to smile at getting flowers. “Do I have to sign anything?”

"Nope, there's just the card." The kid hands over the card that goes with the flowers, then waves and takes off. When Sunset looks at the card, she'll see a note in Warren's handwriting. "Going to be a couple hours later than usual. Meeting ran overtime. Damned lawyers. Love you."

Shutting the door with her foot, Sunset doesn’t look at the card until she’s got the flowers set down on the kitchen table, taking her damn sweet time to get seated and comfortable again. Reading the card over a few times, her smile gradually becomes less forced and much more genuine, until she’s biting her lip to stop herself from grinning like a fool. Too bad you aren’t around to watch the redhead practically melt, Warren.

Warren didn't, actually, have that long of work. He mostly puttered around, made two purchases, and, finally, headed back to the apartment, two bags in tow. "Hey, Sunny." He called. "Finally back." He rolled his eyes. "I hate lawyers. Anyway ... I noticed you were almost out of your favorite bath salts, so I got you some more."

Hm. And now she’s back to suspicious. Peering at Warren with narrowed eyes over the edge of her book (Now on the chapter about the Plague. Thrilling.) Sunset bites her lip to keep any smile that wants to emerge in check. Alright, she’s easy. She likes presents. Sue her. “...You’re up to something.” She answers, glancing down at the bags as she puts the book down again, unfolding herself from the couch.

"What? Can't a guy notice stuff like that when he's in the bathroom and take care of it?" Warren wanted to know, managing to look honestly, mildly offended. He offers the one bag, which, true to his word, has one bottle of her favorite salts (which she really was low on, but Warren is SO not telling her he'd been dumping a little bit of the stuff down the drain every day to arrange for the convenient timing). The other, he hefted aloft. "Dinner. It'll be about an hour, if you can keep your stomach from eating your backbone for that long." He said, then offered a kiss.

“I’m not used to it, so no. He can’t.” She answers after a moment, teasing. Arms wrapping around his neck, the kiss she gives him is a bit more than a simple ‘Welcome home’ kiss, but hey. The guy got her flowers and bath salts. He deserves it. “I liked the flowers.”

Warren grins into the kiss. "I'm glad." He said. "Since I plan to do nothing more strenuous than veg in front of the TV until later, why don't you take advantage of the bath salts while I get supper going?"

By herself? No fun. Still somewhat skeptical of all of this, Sunset smiles anyway. “Well, as distracting as this question would be for dinner plans, I still have to ask.” She murmurs, impishly. “Wanna help me get undressed?”

Warren laughed. "Tempting, very tempting, but I'll have to decline. One, my stomach is knocking against my backbone. Two, 'undressing' has a tendency to lead to other things, and please refer back to the first point."

She gives him a surprised look, full of innocence. “Why would it lead to other things? I just need help with a few articles of clothing.” Sunset isn’t able to keep the charade up for too long, though, eventually snickering and ruining the whole image. “Fine, fine. You stay here and get dinner ready.” Kissing him once more before heading towards the bathroom, bath salts in tow. “I’ll just be in the tub. Naked. All alone, and lonely.” She’s not evil. Really, she’s not.

Warren chortles at her antics. "Wicked woman. Go, shoo." He swatted at her butt with a wing as she scooted, then headed for the kitchen. Cheesecake went in the refrigerator, and the rest of the meal headed for the stove. So far, so good. She didn't seem like she actively suspected that he knew.

Shooting him a naughty grin over her shoulder, Sunset doesn’t bother arguing with that. It’d be pointless. Tying her hair up before she starts the bath, it’s not long before she’s soaking, one hand subconsciously gliding over the water’s surface.

Soon enough delicious smells start permeating the air. Smells Sunset will doubtlessly recognize. And which will probably reignite her suspicions, but ahh well. She can just deal. Eventually, Warren calls out. "You've got about ten more minutes before it's ready."

She can just deal, indeed. Now trying to figure out that if Warren does know it’s her birthday (which she is really starting to think is true), who /told/ him? There aren’t that many suspects in the first place, and she’s starting to get a good idea. (And it’s right about this moment that Angie has a sudden need to bunker down and lay low for a long, /long/ time.) Looking towards the bathroom door, it’s only a moment before she’s out of the bath, working on getting dry and getting dressed. “I’ll be out in a minute, then!”

Warren lays everything out on the table. Nothing fancy, just the usual layout. No hint of birthday formality. "So what'd you get to do with your day while I was fighting the temptation to deprive the world of a few fusty old cranky-pants lawyers?" He wanted to know once she did come out.

Taking in the meal with a critical eye, Sunset just smiles as she sits down. There’s no use in bringing up the fact that he’s sent her flowers, and gotten her some more bath salts, /and/ cooked her favorite meal. He’s up to something, and she knows it. “Well... Oz thought it would be funny to give me a book called ‘The Complete Manual of Things That Can Kill You.’ He figured that if I know what to look out for, it’ll all be fine this time around. And so far, I’ve learned how to avoid both the Plague, and flesh eating viruses.”

"He gave you /what/?" Warren asked, looking startled. "That man needs some serious help to fix his sense of humor. That's just plain morbid."

Sunset laughs at Warren’s reaction, shaking her head. “Well, yes. But I think the fact that we can both joke about what happened is a good sign, really. He told me he picked up a copy for himself, but I doubt he’ll read it. Most likely, he bought it just to annoy Sabrielle.”

Warren shakes his head. "Scott would have burst a blood vessel if someone gave him that book as a present." He thinks about that for a moment. "Which might have been amusing. The man really needs to learn how to relax.”

“Maybe you should talk to Jean about that.” Sunset hides a smile behind a bite of pasta, though her eyes show plenty of amusement. Once she takes her first bite, though, almost everything she says afterwards is punctuated by a bite of food. She’s like a cat with catnip with this, really. “So, what was the problem with the meeting today?”

"Unfortunately, Jean is part of the reason the man's forgotten how to smile. Not all of it, but part of it. She's died a couple of times, and he loves her like breathing. Has not done anything good for his psyche, if you know what I mean." Warren says, then snorted. "A squabble over copyrights. Which meant a lot of he-said-she-said and general idiocy."

“Isn’t general idiocy usually the problem with anyone that’s money hungry?” She asks, swirling her fork around her bowl for a moment. “Or is that just a lawyer problem, in general? Not that being money hungry and being a lawyer are mutually exclusive.” And not that all lawyers are money hungry, either. Just... Most of the ones she’s met.

"Most of the time it is." Warren agrees. "Hence my dislike of lawyers in general. But as whiney as they were being, this needed to be dealt with. The copyrights are for some new stuff we're going to be marketing later this year."

Smiling at that, Sunset quiets down, watching Warren for a moment before she goes back to her food. "So... Who told you?" She finally asks, curiosity getting the best of her. "Was it Angie?"

Warren blinked. "Who told me what?" He wanted to know. And that innocent/confused face? Is damn convincing.

And for a moment, she’s almost convinced. Almost. Squirming in her seat for a moment, Sunset looks down at her silverware, /really/ not wanting to admit it. Because she /might/ be wrong. But... she already brought it up. So, damn. “That it’s my birthday.” She eventually replies, nose wrinkling at the last word. Ugh.

Warren's in line for an Oscar, because he manages to look surprised, pleased, and hurt all at the same time. "It is? Why didn't you /tell/ me?"

Hm... Okay, maybe she was wrong. And damn it, if so. Glancing up at Warren, Sunset looks guilty now. “I just... didn’t want to make a big deal about it.” She mumbles, sounding all the world like a teenager confessing to taking dad’s car for a joyride. “And I didn’t exactly want to admit to turning thirty.”

Warren snorts at her. "Sunset, I hate to tell you this, but turning thirty isn't the end of the world." He wagged a finger at her. "And I'll tan your hide later for not telling me."

She mumbles something about old for a minute, before the last sentence really sets in. Quieting again, Sunset eventually looks up at Warren, impish smile growing on her lips. “Birthday spankings?” She asks quietly, hopeful.

"At the very least." Warren says with a wicked grin.

Quirking an eyebrow at that, the redhead seems like she’s in a much better mood as she returns to the meal, grinning. “Maybe I should keep secrets more often, then, if it gets results like that.”

Warren mock-scowls at her. "Ready for dessert?" He asks instead.

She shoots him a naughty smile, eyes amused. “Always.” She answers, voice a sinful purr.

Warren laughs outright. "Down, girl. We'll get to that later." He gets up and grabs the cheesecake out of the fridge, then comes back in. "I figured this would go good with the meal." Yeah. Her favorite type of dessert, and her favorite meal. He is SO busted, but he's not going to crack easily.

Sitting back in her chair, Sunset looks at the cheesecake for a long moment, before she shoots Warren an amused, if not cynical, look. “’Who told me what?’ my ass, Warren.” She dryly remarks, before laughing.

Warren gives her that innocent/confused expression again. "I have no idea what you're talking about." He proclaimed.

Sunset narrows her eyes, believing the look even less this time around. “Mhm.” Her tone of voice plainly says that she’s not exactly buying what he’s selling this time around. “Just give me some cheesecake so we can get to the sex.”

Warren laughs, then divies up the cheesecake ... but not before ruffling Sunset's hair. "Hey. I could have made a huge production out of it." He points out. "But the whole you not telling me thing made me think keeping it low-key was better."

“I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, especially with us just moving in together. I didn’t want to seem like I was trying to get some nice shiny presents out of it, or anything.” She explains, somewhat nervously dragging her fork across the top of the dessert, before taking a bite.

Warren snorts. "Sunny ... you really need to not worry about seeming like a mooch or whatever. I know you're not, and that's all that matters."

Sunset gives a soft smile at that, nodding. “Yes, I know. But... Well, you’ve already heard the paranoid speech. I’m still getting used to... being happy, again. And I guess that I just wanted everything to go away for so long that a part of me is still thinking that this is a dream, or that... it’s just all going to come crashing down, soon. And that will stop, I promise. It’s just... taking a while to get to that point.”

Warren leaned over to give her a kiss. "Hey, so you're Cinderella. Or Sleeping Beauty. You know how those stories end," Which is to say 'they lived happily ever after'. "And I'll just spoil you until you get used to it."

“Spoil me with cheesecake?” Sunset questions, smile growing. At least this time, he’s around to watch her melt again. “And please. I’m obviously more of a Jasmine type.”

Warren grins. "And other things." He admits. "I think I'll go for clothes next. Something in green and orange." He is SO in for it.

“Don’t make me kick your ass, Worthington.”

Warren laughed. "Not your colors? Pink and gold, then."

She only growls, reaching out grab him by the tie before pulling him in for another kiss. And she certainly isn’t letting go anytime soon.

Warren squawks when he gets grabbed, but then both arms come around her and he deepens the kiss, making a thoroughly contented noise. When they finally come up for air, he grins. "Now ... about those birthday swats... "
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