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15 March 2010 @ 10:43 am
The Morning After  
His lack of trust, even with his reasoning, is hurtful. I'm not sure I believe him, when he conceded and said he believed that what I said was true. Then again, I am not quite sure I have given him reason to trust me either. I certainly have not been the most open about how it has been for me lately.

But even as drunk as I was - As we both were. - nothing would have happened. Julien is my friend, and nothing more. The idea of sex with him is just... preposterous. Amusing. Impossible.

Log. Wednesday, March 10, 2010. [NYC] Chateau Noir: Warren and Sunset’s Apartment.

Warren's apartment is as unpretentious as Warren is, when in his preferred company. The apartment is large, with an open floorplan and wood floors with colorful rugs scattered here and there. The walls are painted a warm beige. The kitchen is separated from the rest of the apartment by a low wall, part of which has been fitted out as a bar, complete with stools (and drinks under the counter). The appliances are all top-of-the-line brushed steel. The countertops are a dark gray marble, and the cabinets are a rich mahogany color.

The living room area takes up three quarters of the first floor of the apartment, and almost the entirety of one wall is nothing but windows, giving a delightful panoramic view of the New York City skyline. The windows are bracketed by heavy dark tan drapes. A big, overstuffed leather couch, chair, and ottoman form a rough square with one of the window-less walls, where a large flat-screen TV resides. A state of the art stereo system is parked in the corner nearest the bar. There is a small closet near the door into the apartment.

A bathroom sits against the other non-window wall, its decor done in shades of blue. There is a huge sunken tub that could probably hold three people, and a seperate large shower. A double sink with a blueish-marble countertop, a good-sized closet, and the toilet are also in evidence. Also on the non-window wall are the stairs that lead up to Warren's bedroom, and a bookcase that sits against the bathroom wall, loaded down with all manner of books.

There a king-sized bed with a dark blue bedspread. The wall of windows on one side is bracketed by drapes the same shade, and the walls are painted a very pale blue. One entire wall of the bedroom is taken up by a massive closet, and other than the bed and a mahogany bedside table (with a plain lamp perched atop it), there is no furniture in the room. Throughout the apartment there are paintings on the walls, all of them pastoral scenes of one kind or another.

Warren managed to wake before Sunset, and took precautions. A good-sized empty wastebasket, a big glass of water, and some crackers awaited Sunset's hangover.

Well. Where Julien got to witness the rare sight of Sunset getting plastered, Warren gets to witness the lovely aftermath. Considering how much she had drank the night before, and how little she had ate to even it out, a hangover was rather imminent. There’s a rather miserable groan from where Sunset has her head stuffed under a pillow, before she /very slowly/ starts to roll over onto her back, carefully pulling the pillow away from her face. Luckily for her, he keeps the blinds drawn. Slowly blinking, the redhead gives a small wince as her stomach takes a moment to catch up with the rest of her. “Warren?”

"Right here." Warren says, keeping his voice down. At least he's not mean, turning on some loud music or something. "There's a bucket right at the side of the bed, and some water for you." He knows better than to mention food at this point.

There’s another dismal noise from her, before she’s blindly reaching for the water bottle. Eventually getting her fingers around it, Sunset again slowly rolls over to face Warren, not yet taking a drink from the water. For now, she just holds it to her cheek. Elevated body temperature, wahey. “I don’t think I’ll need the bucket. I hope. But thank you, love.” Eyes narrowed just a bit as she looks at him, Sunset gives a long sigh after a moment. “Well, you don’t /look/ very upset. I’m taking that as a good thing.”

Warren snorts. "More amused than anything else. You were /royally/ toasted last night."

Giving a small smile, Sunset manages to twist the cap off of the bottle of water, taking a drink. To her credit, only a little bit spills onto the bed sheets. “Take pride in being able to witness it. That is... usually very rare. Though I’ll say that you didn’t seem very amused last night, when everything was going on.” Things are hazy for her – Some things moreso than others. – but she still mostly remembers everything.

Warren makes a face. "Had more to do with the situation than with you. You were both drunk off your asses, and things /happen/ when you're that drunk that would never happen when you're sober." And then he frowns. "And the /room/ wasn't helping."

For a very long moment, Sunset just /stares/, before her shoulders start to shake, soft laughter bubbling up from her throat. She would laugh harder, but she fears the consequences if she does. "/Warren/, you- Oh, Warren. No. No no no. No. I would sleep with - I would sleep with /Angie/ before I slept with Julien, no matter how drunk I was. We - Our - We are /friends./ And Julien, he... He's practically /asexual/, Warren."

Warren snorts. "Yeah, well, wouldn't be the first time in history booze changed that sort of thing." He points out. "And like I said, the room you two were in really wasn't helping. Or the way he was /dressed/." Yes, Warren was badly thrown last night.

She continues to softly laugh, finally progressing into coughing as she forces herself to take a few more swallows of water and calm down as the jubilance caused her headache and nausea to worsen. "We were going to the wine cellar to get another bottle to go with dessert. If I hadn't gotten... distracted by the décor, we wouldn't have even stayed." Sunset explains, squeezing her eyes shut for a moment. "The only reaction his outfit got from me was wondering how you would look pants like that. ...And maybe I gave his ass a friendly squeeze, but it was all in teasing."

"You did mention leather pants. As did he. Several times." Warren says, sounding amused. "Along with a few other things."

Slowly raising an eyebrow, Sunset doesn’t answer for a moment, working on drinking a little bit more water, slower this time. If she feels better after this, she might even try food! “Oh? Like what?” She has a good idea, but it never hurts to always make sure.

Warren says, "Something about using the room anytime we wanted, among other things."

Sunset doesn't answer. At least, she doesn't answer /verbally./ Small smile pulling her lips upward, she can't help but shoot Warren a somewhat hopeful, questioning look. And what are his thoughts on that?

Warren makes a face. Evidently, the room made him uneasy. Hardly surprising, really. It's like jumping in the deep end when you don't know how to swim. "I'd rather not go there." Ok, at least it's not a flat out 'hell no, we are not doing any of that shit ever.'.

Oddly, her smile just grows. “I didn’t expect much else, really.” She murmurs, snuggling deeper into the bedcovers before continuing. “Last night I was just... caught up in it, I suppose. It is rather intimidating now.” Worrying at her bottom lip with her teeth, Sunset meets his gaze again. “Of course, I do still think we need a riding crop. We can use it /here./”

Warren shakes his head. "I dunno about that." He gets hurt enough without getting it at home too. "But some stuff might be fun."

"I'll remember that for later, then." She answers, teasing, before lapsing into silence. Thinking back over the conversation so far, Sunset bites her lip again, trying to hide a frown. "Warren... Do you not trust me around other guys while drunk, or is it just Julien?"

"I don't trust /anyone/ when they're THAT drunk, Sunny." Warren says. "Even me, the few times it's happened. Alcohol makes your brain go on vacation in weird ways. It's nothing personal."

That isn’t exactly what she wanted to hear, though she supposes it is a little better than other possible answers. Biting down harder on her lip, Sunset curls up slightly, knees pulled up towards her stomach, pressing the half empty water bottle against her face again. “...Ah.” She replies, voice even quieter now. “Warren, for me to cheat on you while drunk, I’d have to actually want to do so while sober. Alcohol doesn’t make me do stuff I would never do when sober, it just... gives me the courage to do things I want to do when sober but don’t. And I can /swear/ that I have never wanted to cheat on you, /or/ sleep with Julien.”

Warren chuckles. "All right, I believe you. Not like I've seen you that drunk before, to know how you react to it." He points out.

“Well, it’s rare that I get that drunk, or drink in the first place. I didn’t even mean to. There was just – Some scotch at first, before we started talking, and the conversation just... led to more drinking, and there was wine with dinner, and – It just ended up being a drinking night.” She answers with a sigh, fingers idly curling in her already curly and tangled hair. “I’m sorry for causing you any worry, or embarrassment or anything I might have done to upset you.”

There’s a small beat of quietness as she considers something else. “And I’m sorry I missed your reaction to Julien answering the door in his work clothes.”

"Ahhh, you didn't upset me, Sunset. I just got caught off guard." Warren says. "And I /have/ heard that a bit of embarrassment is good for the ego." He snorted in amusement. "I was a bit ... taken aback." Ok, that's an understatement.

“I have an ego?” She questions dryly, before chuckling. “And /please./ I’m used to him, and even I was a bit taken aback. You probably were... Well, I just really wish I had been able to manage those stairs.”

"More like, I've been accused of having one, and getting a bit embarrassed is a good way to deflate it." Warren says, then chuckles. "You're going to have to ask him about it, if he remembers. Which reminds me ... I need to call him. I think he got the impression I hated him or something."

“No... No, I’m sure he didn’t. You were just worried and – I should be the one to call him, anyway.” Slowly uncurling, Sunset manages to push herself up into a sitting position, wincing at the effect it has on her stomach. “He wasn’t feeling well, yesterday.” She murmurs as she recalls the flash of withdrawal she had picked up from him. Paling just slightly, her hands clench in the sheets as she resists the urge to start scratching at the crook of her elbow.

"I think you need to make sure you're not going to be worshipping the porcelain god before you try calling him." Warren says, sounding vaguely amused as he watches Sunset trying to get her feet back under her.

“I’m not going to throw up.” She grumbles, shooting Warren a look. “You’re enjoying this far too much, I think. You, and your schadenfreude.”

"Hey, it's the sober person's right and privelege to watch and mock the hungover ex-drunk." Warren says. "Just be glad I'm not playing the drums or something."

“If you were playing the drums, I’d have already broken up with you, no matter how good you are in bed.” Sunset shoots back, leaning against the headboard. “Or how nice you look without clothes on. Or just without a shirt.”

Warren laughs. "Good thing I played nice then." He says. "Can I mention the F-word, or would that be pushing it?"

Raising an eyebrow, Sunset smirks. “Depends. Where do you plan on going with it?” She asks, in slight singsong.

"Food." Warren says. "You're not really in any shape to do the /other/ f-word."

“I obviously haven’t been giving you the best of my game if you think I’m not up for sex right now.” Sunset blandly replies. “But food works too.”

"You're still grimacing about having to move around." Warren points out. "And we tend to get ... energetic." He has a point, there. "Try the crackers, and I'll make an omelette."

“Well, I’d probably feel a lot better afterwards.” She mutters, glancing out the corner of her eye at the pack of crackers before reaching for them. “Not even some foreplay?”

"Not until your stomach is guaranteed to stay put." Warren says.

“...Kiss?” Sunset ventures. “I don’t think my breath is /that/ bad.”

"That I can manage." Warren says, and leans over to give her a kiss. Then, deliberately, makes a gasping/gagging noise and flops onto the bed.

Growling, Sunset lightly kicks at him with a foot as she tears open the pack of crackers. “You are /such/ a jackass.” And yet, he’s gotten her to smile with it.

Warren grins. "Made you smile though." He points out as he gets up. "In all seriousness, I'll go cook. You get yourself sorted."

“Well, you made me laugh pretty hard earlier when you said you thought I’d sleep with Julien. I mean, if I didn’t feel like I just came from a three day concert where I was right by the speakers, I might still be laughing at it.” She points out, grinning even wider. “And I like cheese on my omelettes. Lots of it.”

"Hey, it wouldn't have been the first time in history that someone drunk off their ass slept with someone they never would have otherwise." Warren points out. "It's a rather common problem for the seriously drunk. That and starting fights, but you seemed more interested in sex." He grins then, and heads into the kitchen.

“I’m always more interested in sex!” She calls after him, before stuffing a few crackers into her mouth, still grinning. Taking a long moment to chew and swallow, Sunset ponders something before calling out again. “And I’m not giving up on that leather pants situation, either!”

"Leather pants are definitely negotiable." Warren calls back.
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