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24 March 2010 @ 02:35 pm
Log. Monday, March 22, 2010. New York City - West Greenwich - Albus Corvus Fleuriste.

The Albus Corvus Fleuriste is a well-sized shop, the ringing door opening into a literal jungle of sights and smells. Plants of all colors, smells and types are all around, both exotic and common; hanging, stacked, and sitting over the place head to toe like a smaller garden of Eden. One wall houses a giant case and shelving for separate flowers, pots, bouquets, and pre-created florals; customers are given a tall chalkboard of prices beside the door for both the case and anything else right off the bat. Special prices take over where these end. The other walls are home to potted flora, vines, hangers, and all other manner of plant life otherwise. The big front window constantly has in it some sort of strange plant, meant to attract the inquisitive from a shelf under the silhouette of a white raven, wings spread beneath the name of the shop. The main counter is tucked to the far left at the back; the giant glass case inside home to bottles, herbs, and like trinkets, the shelf behind filled with the same. Perfumes, jewelry, organic medicines, et cetera. There is also often a mannequin or two dressed in handmade clothes, sometimes in the windows. To one end of the counter is a small corner with a sitting table and chairs, and this is mostly used for visitors who come for an afternoon tea.

There are another set of doors in the far wall that lead to the greenhouse; the greenhouse itself is perhaps just as big as the shopfront, if not bigger. Somehow it seems to go on quite a ways, and even down into the basement of the building. Here is kept similarly varied plants of all sizes and shapes, from vegetables, your everyday gardenflowers, fruit saplings and other young trees, all the way to exotic plants of every color, nameless constructs and project hybrids, and even some plants in the darker corners of the basement that seem to cling to the shadows.

Keys still gripped in her hand as she enters the shop, Sunset debates locking the door behind her. She isn’t sure if the store hours have changed or not, and what they are if they have. She was surprised she hadn’t even needed her old key... If the locks hadn’t been changed, and if she would have even felt comfortable using her key to get in, if the doors had been locked. (Doubtful.) A lot has changed in the last few years, certainly but it has not changed so much that just entering the shop is enough to make her feel more relaxed and more calm. Taking a deep breath, Sunset just takes a moment to look around before softly calling out. “Rene?”

It seems as if everything here is back in order, from the hours of operation to the smells and sights of spring and summer encased inside. It is like it used to be, quite frankly. There is, however, a certain stability to it this time; as if he had made things take real root. At the back, the door to the main greenhouse and back room is propped open with a doorstop; Rene is in there, if Sunset cares to investigate further. He's got his feet on the arm of a wooden bench, head on the other end lying on the seat. It is really an awful place for a nap, but thankfully he has a great amount of innate balance, not unlike a cat.

Rene may as well have a Do Not Disturb sign on him, with how peaceful he is looking. But, it kind of is the middle of the day in the middle of an open shop- he really shouldn't be asleep!

Waiting for an answer that wasn’t coming, Sunset walks around the shop for a moment, carefully looking at a plant here, gently running a finger over the leaf of a flower there, and eventually making her way towards the back of the room and the open door. Spotting a flash of blonde hair through the doorway, she enters, a small smile forming on her lips at the sleeping shopkeep. Sunset isn’t sure if she would still consider him her son - She isn’t sure of much anymore, and she certainly isn’t sure of if Rene would still call her maman. - but the scene is rather peaceful, and she can’t help but feel bad as she kneels in front of him, reaching out to place a hand on his shoulder and giving him a light shake.

Peaceful, serene, pure- Rene always looked like that when he was asleep. Her hand on his shoulder touches on wiriness under his shirt, and for a second it seems as if she has roused him awake. Not quite, per se. Rene stirs and wakes, but it is with a bleary shudder when his muscles tense away from the touch, defensive and springing into a kneejerk reaction. One forearm lifts up and frantically swats to get her hand away, the closer limb reaching out for either her coat collar or her neck or- just about anything that his groggy brain can use to hurt something vaguely humanoid.

Sunset jerks back as her hand is knocked away, brow starting to furrow with worry. Perhaps unfortunately for her, she didn’t ask for any sort of powers with her body change, so unlike Angie, she doesn’t have enhanced reflexes, or enhanced strength like Oz, and even as wary as she is nowadays, she isn’t wary enough to expect Rene to grab her. So, when he ends up grabbing the front of her shirt, there’s a small sound of surprise before she’s trying to pull back from him, voice rising. “/Rene!/”

He looks angry when she's able to get a good look at his face; angry, though out of preparation to defend himself. Rene clenches his knuckles into the fabric as he bolts upright into a sit. At the very least, she's learned to not wake him up. When he hears his name, awareness comes flooding back into his features, and the faze in his eyes gets a hard blink into submission. The red hair and her voice makes him jerk again, this time away from her and fingers uncurling from her to spring back in a fist against his ribcage. Blue eyes wide and staring stay that way for a few more seconds, panicked from several things.

She falls back slightly once he lets go, legs resting in front of her and bent at the knee and hands beside her where she had caught herself before she could fall back completely. Staring back with eyes just as wide, Sunset does not look panicked though there is a small bit of fear that fades quickly once she realizes that he is fully awake now and not likely to doing something like that again. Hopefully. “...Perhaps next time I should try an alarm clock.”

Rene's nostrils flare silently, face wavering between pale and taut. He pushes himself straight on the bench, knuckles white when his hands grip the bench. "Just- don't do that again, okay?" No grabbing him in his sleep. It's a bad idea. His tongue runs over his lips. "Sorry. Was the door open?"

“Alright.” She answers softly to his request, slowly standing and brushing off the back of her jeans. “And yes, it was. I still have my old keys, just in case it wasn’t, but I don’t know if I would have - Of course, you’ll probably want those back now, won’t you?” Sunset knows she’s babbling a bit, but she still isn’t sure of how to act as she once did, around Rene or - anybody.

Rene rubs a thumb over the corners of his eyes, standing after a moment, close, but not too close. He looks severely apologetic. "It's okay if you keep them. I'd rather someone have some. Since I live here too now and all." Always have a backup! "Are you okay? I really didn't mean anything by that, you spooked me."

“I’m fine.” Sunset assures him with a small, genuine smile. “You would think I would know by now to be a bit more precautious, anyway. All you did was simply startle me, so there is no harm done.” Hands shoving into her jeans pockets, the redhead simply looks at him for a moment, again taking in all the ways Rene has changed. She’s tempted, so very tempted, to ask what has happened to make him so jumpy, but she holds back. “How have you been?”

"Okay. Been busy getting things into order, moving in, that sort of thing." Rene pauses before he sidles to the door to peer out into the shop, just double checking something. "Catching up with people, otherwise. Probably owe one a visit soon. I think he thinks I abandoned him." He looks back at her, wavering in the doorway. Hm. "What about you? Ready for Spring?" He certainly is.

Trailing after him, Sunset tilts her head curiously. “Jackson?” She questions, before nodding. “I am most definitely ready for Spring. I am not a fan of cold weather, or rainy weather. I’ll be glad for some sunlight and warmer temperatures.”

"Zachery. Though if Jackson thinks that too, you would tell me?" Rene seems somewhat disturbed for a moment, concerned if someone //else// thinks it of him. He's still getting oriented, so he does not move out into the shop for another few moments. "Mmm, I always did like spring in this region. Very green very fast, it is refreshing."

“Ah.” Her lips press together, thinning at the mention of Zachery. For a moment, there’s a glimpse of her old self, something fiery and burning flashing across her eyes before it fades. “And no, I do not think Jackson feels abandoned. I simply... forgot about Zachery.” She’s forgotten about him for a while, though it’s not exactly accidental. “It seems like everything in New York happens very fast, though.”

"Indeed. Do you want something to drink?" He reminds himself to be a good host. "I don't have too much of anything yet, but coffee or tea I can manage." Rene smoothes his shirt down before glancing around for something on the floor. Almost like he dropped something, but there is nothing to be seen on the floor.

Following his glance down to the floor, Sunset absentmindedly answers his question. “Tea is fine.” A small wrinkle appearing between her brows, her lips purse in thought as she glances back up to Rene. “Have you dropped something?” She asks, curiosity finally getting the best of her. She had to ask something, and that seems safe enough.

No, but- "My marbles." Rene aims his way towards the counter, ducking down behind it to fiddle with the coffeemaker he has always kept below, plugged into the wall. "If you ever see one, please pick it up." He's not sharing right now, but perhaps she is on the good side of questions.

“Ah.” Sunset repeats, though there is a jerk to her lips, almost a smile. “I would offer you a few of mine, but I do believe mine were forever lost long ago.” Trailing after him once more, she leans against the other side of the counter, continuing to watch him. “Might I ask something?”

"As long as I can answer it, yes." Rene peers over the top of he counter from his crouch, squinting slightly before fiddling one last time with the coffeemaker, standing up with the empty pot in hand. He lifts a finger for her to wait, skirting back into the back room to fill the pot with water from the well-camouflaged faucet along the greenhouse wall. When he comes back, he goes about starting the tea, the gurgling of it milling in the background when Rene finally leans there at the back of the counter. Okay, go on.

Even when he returns, she's silent, taking a moment to think. Sunset has questions, certainly, quite a lot of them. Picking one out, especially one that would not anger Rene or push him away, is the harder part. She spent months alone, with no knowledge of who she was or who she had known, and the idea of pushing away anyone she knew now worried her terribly. Eventually, she settles on a question. "Why weren't you surprised when you saw me at that coffee shop? Everyone else had been... Well, I believe shocked is an understatement, but I suppose it will do. And yet, you seemed nearly bored with it."

"Not bored." Rene answers, choosing his words very carefully. "I //was// surprised, but experience dictated that I not show it." He sounds apologetic all over again. "I'd only been planning on seeing Jackson, but then when I saw you come along I had to step back for a few minutes. I knew that if I didn't just go, I might have flaked. So I had to act like I knew what I was doing for my own sake."

"I'll admit, it was certainly refreshing." Sunset chuckles, a small smile turning the corners of her lips upwards. "Most people so far have reacted in tears, mostly. It was nice to see someone be blasé about it." Looking around the shop again, the redhead takes a moment before she continues. "I apologize for waking you up. I could have just as easily called you, for what I was wanting to ask, but it also did not exactly seem like a telephone conversation."

"It's okay. Is that all that you wanted to know, or is something else bothering you?" Rene hazards a guess here, getting the feeling that there may be something else. "Sometimes I can be iffy about deep phone conversations, it is probably best you didn't."

“There is plenty bothering me.” Sunset admits, her smile oddly growing a bit more while it loses some of its cheer. “But most of it is just the fact that I am still adjusting to - being back. It will pass, I’m sure. I was actually wondering if it would be possible to ask for my job back. I had another one, but... Well, Warren wouldn’t let me leave the apartment, and I ended up fired for missing too many days.”

"If I say yes, he'll let you?" Rene chuckles dryly, not really keen on the humor but he tries. "If you're up for it, yes. It would be very nice to have you back here." He needs help, and frankly, he needs someone like her around him. Someone to just be there. "I know you know what you're doing, and it was nice to have you here."

“Oh, he’ll let me /now./ At that point in time, it was just after we had, er... gotten back together. I was lucky to be let out of bed to shower.” Though she hadn’t exactly been alone, most of the time. “Besides, the idea of just being a kept woman puts my teeth on edge. I like to work, and I wouldn’t mind starting as soon as you’d feel comfortable letting me.” And the idea of coming back to work for Rene obviously cheers her up greatly, her entire demeanor seeming to change almost instantly.

Rene smiles widely. "Well, consider yourself on the roster as of tomorrow- if you'd like that. I'd rather we built this up together, if you are going to work with me again. So you know how to handle some of the new things I want to try. That way if anything screws up, you'll know how to fix it." Haha. Implying that he'll get eaten by something, who knows.

“Tomorrow sounds perfect. Shall I come in for opening, or earlier?” The mention of new things has her head tilting curiously, an eyebrow rising. “New things? Might I ask what exactly you have in mind?”

"Self-sustaining systems, that's all. Plants you won't need to actually plant." Rene's no botanist though, so it is bound to rely on hocus pocus. "A bit earlier if you can- just so you can get re-acquainted."

“Something like the thornhounds and rabbishes, or not quite /that/ self-sustaining?” Sunset questions, leaning forward a bit more in interest. “Though, I would not object to learning more into the creation of those. Especially the rabbishes. I have a feeling that if Julia and Lizzie ever visit, they would be vying to take one home with them.”

Rene seems to shrink slightly at the mention of them. "Not quite. I can't exactly just- do that anymore. They were processes that used things I would rather not get my fingers into right now. Maybe someday again, but probably not soon. There may be a couple still around, though, so if you see one, tell me."

Sunset frowns thoughtfully at that, taking in his posture and body language with careful eyes and says nothing. Perhaps later, when she feels completely comfortable around him again, she will be able to berate him endlessly about things as she once did, but not today. “I’ll make sure to look out for them. I’m not sure where exactly they would be, considering it’s New York... But perhaps they’ve also found a way to multiply. They were based on rabbits, after all, so it might not be as hard as I’m thinking it might.”

"To tell you the truth, I hope not." What a mess. Rene glances down the pot of tea still gurgling into existence. "They might come back if they feel me here, that's why I wanna be clear. No hounds existed without me though, only rabbits."

“Would their return be a good thing? They are a cheerful creature to have around, but your reactions seem to be a bit less than enthusiastic.” Maybe a rabbish will cheer him up. “Of course, that has also been most of our interaction today.” Sunset doesn’t mean anything by that last remark, other than a simple observation. She certainly would have no room to criticize anyone about being less than enthusiastic.

"A good thing, if I can control them without an actual effort. If they are stubborn I'll have to destroy them, unfortunately. I am not going to fall back to magic I don't want to use just for some rabbits." Rene shrugs lightly, fishing for some of the plastic teacups below the counter. "Sugar, cream?"

“Sugar, please. Just a bit.” She answers, raising a hand to brush hair from her face, expression thoughtful. Magic is a tricky thing, and Sunset knows damn well that some things that seem like they should be simple usually involve magic that isn’t exactly on the light side. “What kind of magic was involved with them, if you don’t mind me asking?”

"Life-force redirection, to make them completely sentient." It even sounds bad, and Rene knows it. He simply goes about readying her cup of tea. "The energy, however, had to come from somewhere. I thought it was just negative energy, but I learned that lesson." His manner becomes increasingly rigid, guarded.

It does sound bad, but Sunset doesn’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to thinking bad of him for it. Instead, her eyebrows simply rise. “That takes quite a bit of power. I’m impressed. I dare say that my few interactions with that sort of magic didn’t wield such amusing and adorable results.” Though it had put Oz and herself into new bodies. While the results were worth it, she is still not proud of how it was done.

"I am a very powerful wizard, make no mistake. I just made some poor decisions." Rene readies both cups and puts them to the counter, keeping his finger looped around the cusp of his. His free hand finds his pantleg, fingertips grasping at the thin denim at his left thigh.

“I would never make the mistake of assuming you were weak, Rene.” Sunset points out, picking up her own cup of tea. Blowing along the surface to cool it down a bit before taking a sip, the redhead manages a tiny grin in Rene’s direction, attempting at humor. “You were Napoleon at one point, after all.”

"At one point." Rene is one to sip his tea without cooling it. The hand at his thigh rubs against his pantleg, searching a second for a cane that isn't there- he glances over to it leaning against the wall behind him. "I was weak too, for falling for tricks. I may have a gob of ability, but I was naive."

“Naivety does not make one weak.” She argues, gently. “Or that is my opinion, at least. Naivety can be outgrown. I used to think the same about weakness, but lately... I’ve wondered how true that actually is.”

"I hope I've outgrown it by now." Rene sighs heavily. "I look back and all I see is stuff I could have done better or knew enough to not do at all."

“Then I would suggest not dwelling on things that can’t be unchanged.” If only she could take her own advice to heart. “I imagine that it is much more satisfying to think of what you can do in the future, with what you know now.”

"I'll try to remember that from now on. Feel free to remind me." Rene lifts his cup slightly to her, in a mock toast to what he hopes will be a promise.

She raises her own cup in response, taking a chance to tease him. “Well, you did just rehire me. I’ll be around every day to mother you now, won’t I?”