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02 May 2010 @ 01:44 am
Like attraction dancing, sparks fly.  
Backdated to April 16

I wonder how long we will have to be together before I stop surprising him into complete silence. Never, I hope. It's a talent of mine I'm proud of. I can shock Warren Worthington the Third into complete silence. If needed, I can make him blush like a schoolboy. On other occasions, I can stop his thought process all together.

I hope to do all three come Beltane.

I am extremely... grateful, relieved, happy... any of them may work. Never before have I been with someone who was so accepting of my religion, or it's customs. Of course, Beltane is one of the much more pleasure holidays, so it's not hard to see why he would be so interested in helping me celebrate accordingly.

One wonders how he would have reacted if I had suggested the traditional way of celebration, and if he would have been so willing if I had wanted him to chase me through a wooded area, to follow a trail of clothing until he finally managed to track me down and catch me.

Ha. Perhaps next year?

Log. Friday, April 16, 2010. [NYC] Chateau Nior: Angel’s Apartment

Warren's apartment is as unpretentious as Warren is, when in his preferred company. The apartment is large, with an open floorplan and wood floors with colorful rugs scattered here and there. The walls are painted a warm beige. The kitchen is seperated from the rest of the apartment by a low wall, part of which has been fitted out as a bar, complete with stools (and drinks under the counter). The appliances are all top-of-the-line brushed steel. The countertops are a dark gray marble, and the cabinets are a rich mahogany color. The living room area takes up three quarters of the first floor of the apartment, and almost the entirety of one wall is nothing but windows, giving a delightful panoramic view of the New York City skyline. The windows are bracketed by heavy dark tan drapes. A big, overstuffed leather couch, chair, and ottoman form a rough square with one of the window-less walls, where a large flat-screen TV resides. A state of the art stereo system is parked in the corner nearest the bar. There is a small closet near the door into the apartment. A bathroom sits against the other non-window wall, its decor done in shades of blue. There is a huge sunken tub that could probably hold three people, and a seperate large shower. A double sink with a blueish-marble countertop, a good-sized closet, and the toilet are also in evidence. Also on the non-window wall are the stairs that lead up to Warren's bedroom, and a bookcase that sits against the bathroom wall, loaded down with all manner of books. There a king-sized bed with a dark blue bedspread. The wall of windows on one side is bracketed by drapes the same shade, and the walls are painted a very pale blue. One entire wall of the bedroom is taken up by a massive closet, and other than the bed and a mahogany bedside table (with a plain lamp perched atop it), there is no furniture in the room. Throughout the apartment there are paintings on the walls, all of them pastoral scenes of one kind or another.

Humming quietly to herself as she unlocks the door, Sunset looks happier than she had been when she had left the apartment earlier that evening to run errands. This wouldn’t exactly be an odd thing, but a large area of one shoulder blade is covered in gauze, something that definitely wasn’t there when she left. Hair tied up into a messy bun, she’s dressed in a gypsy skirt that falls to mid-calf and halter top, both various shades of green. Setting her purse and keys on a table by the door, the witch finally looks around for the man of the house. “...Warren?”

"In the kitchen!" Warren calls. The scent of something that's /just/ starting to smell good, and the familiar clatter and noise that accompanies cooking are echoing from the kitchen area. "How'd your day go?" He wants to know.

Smiling as she walks into the kitchen to hop up and sit on one of the unused counters, Sunset shrugs. “The usual. Helped people with flowers at work, made sure Angie hasn’t hurt herself, got some errands done. I went to see Jackson at his work, and talked to him for a while. You?” And she also got a tattoo, but she’d rather wait for him to notice the bandage and surprise him than tell him just now.

Warren's in the middle of chopping some veggies, so it takes a minute for him to glance up. "Sounds like you had fun ... " And then he spots the bandage, and something exceedingly not happy flashes in his expression. "Sunny?" In a tone that says 'tell me who hurt you so I can beat them senseless.’

“So, I have a surprise.” She answers, instead, smile widening and becoming impish. “And it’s not exactly something I can return, so you either have to like it, or just... tolerate it.” Reaching behind her, it’s a moment before she’s able to pick at the medical tape enough to peel it off, taking the gauze with it. Wincing a bit as fresh air hits sensitive skin, Sunset turns to show Warren the back of her shoulder, skin still red and swollen, a smear of dried blood here and there. Even so, the tattoo is still bright and beautiful, depicting a flying angel with blonde hair, covered between the waist and thighs with a blue cloth, reaching for the hand of a kneeling redhead, a longer, bright green cloth wrapped around her and held to her. “I, um. Julia found it, on a tarot card, and sent it to me. It’s a version of the Lovers card.”

Warren's eyebrows headed for his hairline at Sunset's not-really-an-explanation, then further at the sight of the tattoo, one hand coming up to hover over it, just short of touching. "Ummm." Yay, Sunset. Warren is, evidently, speechless.

She has a knack for that, it seems. It’s possibly her favorite talent. Glancing over her shoulder to him with an uncertain smile, Sunset arches an eyebrow, questioning. “Hopefully this is a good silence.” She states. “I don’t know what I’d do if you didn’t like it.”

"I don't really know what to say." Warren admits. She got a /tattoo/. Of him and her. Holy hell. "But it's not a bad silence." Carefully, he wrapped an arm around her to hug her.

Turning around to hug him back, she rest her head on his shoulder, sighing. “You could say you like it?” She quietly suggests, a small smile still on her lips. “It’s Jackson’s work. I imagine he’ll want your opinion on it, the next time you see him.” Turning her head to brush her lips against his cheek before kissing him hello, Sunset breathes a laugh. “Maybe I should wait until you get over your shock to bring up something else I’ve been wanting to ask you about.”

Warren chuckles. "I do like it, I just ... " A tattoo. Of /them/. This boggles his mind just a bit. "Uh oh. Better let me have it, because now I'll just fuss and worry."

Laughing again, Sunset stays silent a moment, looking at him contemplatively, and nothing short of mischievous. Warren might want to worry anyway. “What do you know about a holiday called Beltane?” She eventually asks.

Warren's eyebrows seem determined to mate with his hairline today. "Not much." He says. "Just that it's a pagan holiday of some sort."

“Mhmm. It is. One of the eight major pagan holidays.” She answers, grin and demeanor growing even more mischievous. Jumping up to sit on the counter again, she pulls him closer, a leg resting on either side of his waist. “It’s usually celebrated on May 1st. It’s to celebrate the annual union of the Lord and Lady, and honoring life and the start of summer. It’s also a fertility festival.” And how do you think pagans would celebrate that?

Warren gets a thoroughly amused look on his face. "And you're bringing this up ... why?" He asks, managing a thoroughly innocent, clueless tone, when the expression on his face says he knows damn good and well why she's bringing it up.

“Well, if you aren’t interested, I could always find someone else to be the Beltane King in my celebration, you know.” She retorts. “Maybe call up an ex, or find a local coven.” Sunset’s tempted to bring up how Julien would probably be celebrating it, as well, but she doubts that would lead to anything good.

THAT gets her turned and pinned against the fridge ... and kissed to within an inch of her life. "I don't /think/ so." It comes out as a growl.

The pinning sends a small flash of pain through her as her back and shoulder hit the fridge, causing her to shiver violently, adding a bit more heat than she usually would to the kiss as she responds, catching his bottom lip between her teeth. Shifting to lean the freshly inked shoulder off of the fridge before anything can be ruined, Sunset grins, nearly purring. "Just making sure, love."

"Don't need to make sure, Sunny." Warren said, letting her up off the fridge with reluctance. "I gotta finish dinner, or else."

“Tease.” Leaning up to kiss him one more time, she trails a hand down his chest to his stomach before lightly pushing him away, back towards the stove. “And people say I’m bad about it.”

"Hey, not my fault you came in in the middle of me making dinner." Warren points out.

“And it’s not my fault you decided to push me up against the fridge and make me horny.” Sticking her tongue out at him with that, Sunset moves toward the living room. “I’m going to go get this-“ She motions to her shoulder. “cleaned up. Call me when dinner is ready.”